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Terraform Demo Infrastructure

This program makes modifications to live AWS Infrastructure, which can vary from account to account. We have bootstrapped some of this for you.

🚨This will create real AWS infrastructure and will cost you money! 🚨

Note: It is not exposed to rogue IAM users or to the internet at first. That will only happen after you run the exposure commands.


  • Valid credentials to an AWS account
  • AWS CLI should be set up locally
  • Terraform should be installed

Installing Terraform

  • Install tfenv (Terraform version manager) via Homebrew, and install Terraform 0.12.28
brew install tfenv
tfenv install 0.12.28
tfenv use 0.12.28

Build the demo infrastructure

  • Run the Terraform code to generate the example AWS resources.
make terraform-demo
  • Don't forget to clean up after.
make terraform-destroy