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Unit tests

  • Run pytest with the following:
make test

Security tests

  • Run bandit with the following:
make security-test

Integration tests

After making any modifications to the program, you can run a full-fledged integration test, using this program against your own test infrastructure in AWS.

  • First, set your environment variables
# Set the environment variable for the username that you will create a backdoor for.
export EVIL_PRINCIPAL="arn:aws:iam::999988887777:user/evil"
export AWS_REGION="us-east-1"
export AWS_PROFILE="default"
  • Then run the full-fledged integration test:
make integration-test

This does the following:

  • Sets up your local dev environment (see setup-dev) in the Makefile
  • Creates the Terraform infrastructure (see terraform-demo in the Makefile)
  • Runs list-resources, exploit --dry-run, and expose against this live infrastructure
  • Destroys the Terraform infrastructure (see terraform-destroy in the Makefile)

Note that the expose command will not expose the resources to the world - it will only expose them to your rogue user, not to the world.